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Soooooo tiiiiiiiierd. Must. Post. In. LJ.

Got back from Kentucky softball tournament to discover just how much this damned computer controls my life now *rolls eyes* Honestly, 3 PAGES of f-list posts to read. Not that I didn't enjoy every second of it though...


Anywho, so many more things must be done, but I'm too tired at the moment. I'll sum a few of them up right now to be expanded upon at a later date:

1. Stephen King recs- THANK YOU! Especially to fernwithy  for the extensive quotes and advice. More on this later, but I felt bad about not saying thankyou before I left for the weekend.

2. Pictures of knitting projects forthcoming. Slyth scarf done, SOX begun, Upwards of 15 hours in the car this weekend meant pleanty of time for yarn based clothing making. :D

3. Next time I go out of town I'm forcing everyone at Sugarquill and Godric's Hat to stop posting until I get back. So. Many. Things. To. Read.

4. Full account of trip to Fort Knox (KNOX... giggle) as well, because it was rather fun and there are some things I'm sure you all would enjoy.

Meh, I promise tomorrow I'll right proper responses to all your comments and such, whip out the digital camera for picture posting purposes, and try to work my way through all the GH and SQ posts I need to read, but right now I'm feeling the effects of getting up at 6:30 in the morning and then pitching two complete softball games. Oy.


Night y'all. (I was in Kentucky, you see :P)


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