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My thoughts on Brokeback Mountain, I know you all want to hear them.

First and foremost this is a movie that sticks. The kind of thing you wake up thinking about in the middle of the night. It leaves a nice aching empty spot right under your rib cage, in all honesty, and I can still feel it hurting. But you don't realize the full impact Brokeback is going to have while you're watching it. Sure, you'll feel immensely sad and you'll weep buckets, but you won't realize just how deep the movie has dug in its claws until later. That's when the littlest things will make images from the movie jump into your brain, and when remembering scenes will have twice as much impact as they had the first time you watched the damn thing. Brokeback won't leave you alone, and you realize you don't know how to get rid of that ache it's left.

So yeah, it's a fucking fantastic movie.

Now on to the slightly less serious side of things: A quick and dirty roundup of my thoughts. :P

*Erm... the scene with a close-up of Jake Gyllenhaal's (Jack Twist's) face while butt-naked!Heath Ledger (Ennis Del Mar) stands in the background.... I couldn't figure out where to look! I kept staring at Heath's naked arse, but then I'd realize Jack was saying something important and I should probably pay attention to him. Granted, I was better than Sara who later said, and I quote, "wait, Jake Gyllenhaal was talking in that scene?" Still, must see movie again so I can watch the stuff I missed due to Heath's nakedness.

*Speaking of nakedness, there was a truly unbelievable amount of boobie in this movie. I mean seriously! I came to see Brokeback expecting naked cowboy, not breastbreastsbreastandmorebreasts! Which brings me to my next point:

*I could have lived a long and happy life without ever seeing Anne freaking Hathaway's boobs. AAARRrrrrghghahasjh.... As Sara said, "they just sort of... plopped. And oops! there goes my childhood!"

*However, you want to know what the hottest thing ever is? Okay, it's actually Heath Ledger SPITTING on his HAND then fucking Jake Gyllenhaal with very little to-do. But aside from the hand-spitting, it is when HEath is having sex with his wife and then he flips her and... oh lord. Seriously, for the love of all that is good and right in this world, GUH.

*Speaking of which, I have no idea what was wrong with that woman (Ennis's wife), because if my husband was Heath Ledger and I found him kissing Jake Gyllenhaal, I would be asking to join in, not for a divorce. ;P

*I woke up in the middle of the night last night, freezing my arse off, and as I pulled the covers aroundme tighter I felt very sad that I didn't have a hot cowboy to crawl in a ten t with and sex up. How depressing.

*When Jack slams Ennis against a wall and kisses him upon their reunion... AMAZING. Someon ein the audience actually said "wow!" rather loudly at that, and it was hilarious, but seriously. Guh.

*Another good moment: when Jack and Ennis go jumping off a cliff into the lake, butt naked, and certain other parts go jumping as well. ;D

*I started crying when Ennis told about being forced to see the the old cowboy just... lying there. Oh god. I couldn't take it, and I just started bawling. The crying never really let up after that, but started with renewed vigor any time Ennis was near tears, and got really, really bad when Ennis invisioned Jack being bashed. I very nearly broke down at that.

*Heath Ledger... fucking amazing. It he doesn't win best actor for this, I don't know what I'll do.

So there you go. Everyone go see this movie when it comes out where you live. It's not perfect, but by god is it good.
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