On second thought, we'll skip the tea.

Hello neighbor. You've come to the journal formerly known as ella_w. A lot of what's in this journal is posted under friends lock for no particular reason. Perhaps I just like clicking the button. I tend to ramble on inconsistently about things like Harry Potter, soul bonding tennis, politics, gay ninjas, Oscar Wilde, my dependence on caffeine, literary characters with Daddy Issues, and various and sundry stupid Japanese stuff, along with whatever my other obsessions of the moment are. Oh, and sometimes I talk about my real life, wherein I am a sad college graduate who still sort of wants to be a pony when she grows up, and otherwise has no idea what to do with her life or how to be an adult. If any of this sounds appealing feel free to friend me. Just drop a comment here so I know who all these people who apparently find me interesting are.

Edited on 2/21/2010, after realizing I had passed the original date I future-dated this post to. Terrifying.
Edited again on 12/17/2010 after admitting to myself I'm not in college any more

We made a website!

How have I not posted about this here yet?

Hi all! I know there are some of you awesome old Quillers and HP fandom people out there like me, staring tragically at livejournal and wishing we all wrote excessively long posts about Important Fandom Matters and had endless comment threads and things.

It still happens to a degree, but man the golden days of fandom were something else.

Which brings me to my latest project. Really, I should say our latest project. abbers44, greensweaterlj, sheepinbox, talimeeka and I started a website where we write longer form, nerdy posts about fandom, life, and the intersection of the two, Tildemag.com

You can read more about what we're turning the site into on our "About Tilde" page, and read our snazzy bios here, but largely we wanted to create a space where women (and friends of women :P) could talk about our experiences in fandom, geekery and fan culture.

So check it out?

Tildemag.com. Your nerdy internet bffs~

And shoot us an email at info@tildemag.com if you'd be interested in getting involved!
kakashi - ^_^

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likeafox: so I should probably ask maartje this as she is always the one so annoyed by my constantly depressing endings and tragic storylines
sheepinbox: alsjk
likeafox: but is it cruel or terribly exciting to have the room blow up right as two characters are in the middle of a disgustingly romantic moment?
sheepinbox: siadjakdslakdsaklda
sheepinbox: blow up, like
sheepinbox: with love explosions or
likeafox: it's the lesbian ninjas
likeafox: a;sldkf real explosions
likeafox: like, bomb explosions
sheepinbox: boom boom
likeafox: these things happen when your story is based on lady ninjas in love
sheepinbox: i see
sheepinbox: well i mean, depends
sheepinbox: have they gotten any previous lovin?
likeafox: I mean. I sort of hate myself for blowing the room up
likeafox: debatable. Sort of jumped… way ahead of myself to write this scene
likeafox: probably some
sheepinbox: ijhk
likeafox: but it's still very complicated
sheepinbox: oh ok then youre in the clear
sheepinbox: by all means, blow shit apart

Should I blow the room up?

Boom boom.
For god's sake, let them enjoy their slow dance you sadist.
Tsukushi and Tsukasa in the rain

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I am in both the fic'ing and giving mood, and so signed up to donate fic over at help_japan.

So. If you can donate five bucks or so to help Japan, you can now also get a free fic out of it from me! Click here if any of that sounds appealing!

I don't have terribly high expectations for people wanting to pay for me to write them fic, but it is an incredibly worthy cause (I donated $15 to red cross myself the other day, and have seen several stories on the work they're doing finding survivors and helping get people to safety) so if you've got the money to donate definitely go check out all the awesome stuff they're auctioning off and get something cool for your donation!
tsukushi is pleased

and the flip side

greensweaterlj reminded me that there's also the love side of the love/lust list meme. SO HERE GOES. (There would be a lot of crossover from the previous list, aka Shun, Corey, and Bonnie but I decided to only new people here. because reposting a bunch of pictures is boring.

Collapse )

If you asked me on a different day, this might be entirely different. Also, close runners up for today included Darren Criss, Dule Hill, Aiba Masaki, the entire cast of Hana Kimi, and basically the entire American first family. aslkjfd

I will single handedly revive our former social life on lj. Just watch me.

Oh my god, tomorrow through the end of the weekend is going to ridiculous. Honestly, life is going to be ridiculous through thanksgiving. I'm super excited.

Things to do:

*go alcohol shopping for pre-hp party.
*figure out recipes for firewhiskey, butterbeer, and possibly alcoholic "pumpkin juice"
*fold laundry
*clean up my desktop, it is stressing me out with it's unorganized icons and gifs :|
*arrange bus from Boston to NYC for Jin Con (!)
*get hermione costume together for tomorrow night
*print off tickets for HP tomorrow
*help Poy make her sexy dobby costume
*still tons of catching up to do on NaNo
*print off directions to Smith in case bandits steal my GPS along the way
*put together super awesome road tripping playlist
*sync up ipod for the first time in literally six months (what? I've been busy.)

This is the best kind of busy.

Okay, demand for comments time again. What music do I need to put on my Liberal Elitist LJ Meetup and Dorkfest playlist?

So HP is officially tomorrow night.

Look at me, posting more than once in a week. Amazing.

The entire point of this post is for you all to comment with your favorite quotes from Harry Potter. Because I am feeling sappy and nostalgic.

Also acceptable are HP macros, but mostly give me your favorite quotes. I'll start

"But why's she got to go to the library?" "Because that's what Hermione does," said Ron, shrugging. "When in doubt, go to the library."

The last bit of that was actually one of my senior quotes from high school~

Go go go!